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Ongoing problems


My iCloud email has a significant spam issue, in July last year I started using Spam Sieve, I’ve set it up as per the instructions. I performed initial training and yet spam seemed to continue.
After months of seemingly no improvement, I removed all the settings/rules/Spam Sieve and started fresh with a large batch of emails to train Spam Sieve.

All of the spam emails I receive are basically formatted the same, there is generally an alternative font in the email subject field, and a single image promoting some kind of spam.
It looks like they spoof email domains (which I understand - probably doesn’t make it easy for Spam Sieve to discern). But the nature of these emails are all so similar, I always train them into the TrainSpam folder immediately
after I receive them, there are hundreds of them!

Is there something I could be missing? I’m not seeing any results at all with this product.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

It sounds like something isn’t set up properly. Which e-mail program are you using? Please see this page for troubleshooting advice or send in a diagnostic report.