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Open in New Window

I’ve noticed that when in one of my Libraries, the “Open in New Window” command opens a new window with columns displayed in the Records List that are different from those in the primary window. For another Library, the command opens a new window that inherits the properties.

So, for the problematic Library, instead of Title, Kind, Container, Date Modified, etc. which are in the primary window, the New Window opens with Tags, Title, From, Date Modified, Tag Names.

Any idea why this might be?
This makes using the Open in New Window command a bit of a nuisance…

Perhaps I should make a New library and move everything?


Edit: I notice that this behavior is erratic with no apparent pattern. I’ve tried with various file types highlighted and with folders highlighted. Sometimes the new window has configuration of primary window, sometimes not.

EagleFiler remembers the columns and other state per window (i.e. first window, second window, etc.). To reset it, you could quit EagleFiler and delete the State.plist file inside the .eflibrary. Then setup the first window how you want, and subsequent windows will inherit its state.

I would have sworn that I had set up window #1 initially to be as I wanted. Odd thing is that every time I’ve opened it has come up as expected, but subsequent windows (#2, etc.) didn’t. Who knows…

…in any case, following your advice to delete the State.plist file seems to have fixed it (of course).

I could add that the default window configuration–the one that appears if one deletes the State.plist file–is precisely what my windows #2, #3 etc. used to look like…

Thanks again for your quick help

Well, probably you changed #2 and #3 a while ago, so that EagleFiler was remembering different settings for those windows.