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Open with Entourage?

Instead of the Open with Mail menu, can I define to open the email message with Entourage? I don’t need or have the regular Mail program setup - only using Entourage, and from what I can see there is no way for me to search for an old email then either reply or forward it to someone with a click or two.


Have you tried using the Reply to Message command in EagleFiler? That should, in one click, open the reply window in your chosen e-mail client.

To change which application opens when you double-click a message, find a .eml file (for example by dragging a message from Entourage to the desktop). Get Info on it in the Finder, change the Open With to Entourage, and then click Change All.

Beautiful! Works great. Thanks Michael, still learning the new OS.

With EagleFiler 1.5 you can select a message and choose Record > Open With > Always Open With > Microsoft Entourage.