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Opening in default browser, Bayesian classification etc

Hi Michael,

I use OmniWeb as the default browser. Importing works fine as advertised. But for some reason EF does not respect the default when opening a web page (archive): it fires up Safari. Can this be changed, please?

Also, as I read the Docs, I guessed that more than one library could be displayed in the same browser window. Am I wrong? Is this feasible (advantage is fewer browsers open at any time).

Given your experience with bayesian classification in SpamSieve, do you think you might implement auto-classification of documents (allocation to libraries) one day? Scripting already gives DevonThink Personal some competition, but bayesian smarts would shake up this market segment somewhat.

Two other (PDF) things (60% of the docs I store are PDFs): I think you may be using PDFKit to display the content of PDFs in the browser window. Is it possible to highlight the instances of a found-string in the browser window itself? When there’s only one or two occurrences this is quicker and easier than opening multiple Preview windows. Also, I’d love to have the option of annotating PDFs using a transparent (or semi-transparent) sticky-note in the file itself (finder/spotlight ‘notes’ are sort of clumsy to manage). I suspect that this is not a reasonable request… but why be reasonable? :wink:



EagleFiler asks the OS to use the default app. If you Get Info on a Web archive in the Finder, set it to open with OmniWeb, and click Change All, that should change the default. I just did that on my Mac, and now all the Web archives from EagleFiler open in OmniWeb.

You can open multiple libraries at once and have multiple windows per library, but each library must have at least one window.

Yes, automatic classification is certainly an area that I plan to explore at some point.

This is on the to-do list.

As is this.

DevonThink Pro is praised for it’s “See also” functions. Would it be possible to use Bayesian magic to achieve something similar in EagleFiler?


Perhaps. Would you find that useful?

I don’t know, but I guess so. My collection of web archives and pdfs aren’t that big yet, that I would benefit from it, either in EagleFiler or DevonThink Pro.

I’ve just switch to Mac, and are trying out the different competitors in this field. They all seem to share a common set of basic features, but DevonThink is in one review after another given extra credit for it’s See Also-feature.

Since my use of EagleFiler or which software I settle for eventually will be organizing a growing collection of web archives and pdfs, of which most not will be read before archiving, I guess that a See Also-feature would be great.

Btw, what do you yourself consider the strongest sellingpoints for EagleFiler when compared to the competition?


Well, I like everything mentioned in the introduction. :slight_smile: I think different people will find different areas strong. Some people love tags, but others would never use them.

The features that I think are most different from other apps are the ease of getting things into the library (just press F1), the layout of the library as regular files/folders that you can access with other apps, and the first-class handling of e-mail (treated as messages, like in a mail program, not just chunks of text). The indexed searching is also more flexible and faster, I think.

Most underappreciated, I think, is EagleFiler’s ability to verify the files in your library to make sure that they’re present and not damaged. It’s not that the competition is unreliable, but that over years of using Macs (even since OS X) I’ve had archived documents and mail corrupted, just sitting in the Finder. Backups alone don’t protect you from this, since they can’t tell you whether you’re backing up damaged files. So, given that EagleFiler’s library is a place to store information that you want to keep, I think it’s natural for it to assist you in this way.

Re: DEVONthink “see also” function
As someone trying to switch from DEVONthink, I would certainly find this useful.

A closely related feature that I find even more useful is the “auto classify” feature of DEVONthink. It’s most useful to me for filing, though I can imagine it suggesting tags as well.