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Option update bug?

if i check for updates using option + check for update, i get:

SpamSieve has been updated to version 2.9.47. You are using version 2.9.47. Would you like to download the new version? It includes the following changes:

What were you expecting to happen? It’s normal that, if you hold down the Option key, Software Update will always offer you the download even if it isn’t newer than what you have.

Did not know that, I assumed it was a bug because the versions were the same.
Oh well…


I don’t understand. Why were you holding down the Option key if not for that feature? What did you want it to do?

I was thinking that maybe there was a new beta update for M1 macs.
I used this on mailmate, so maybe just confused. lol

I plan on sticking with Apple Mail, as I feel you offer more support for it, Apple scripts to color messages, ect.

All types of Macs get the same updates, unless you have an older OS version that can’t handle an update. SpamSieve has been native on M1 Macs for a long time, and there are no known bugs related to them.

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