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Order of files. (tags, #, type, title, etc.)

Do you think it would be possible to include a free-form way to order the individual files within the library or subfolders? Sometimes I just want to order the files by hand and don’t want them ordered by title, file, etc. There is a program called iGTD that addresses this by allowing a third click that deselects the column and lets you then sort it by hand, instead of just ordering it from the top-down or bottom-up. I think that would be very helpful and allow for users to manually drag their most important files to the top of the list regardless of name, modification date, etc. Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll think about it. Though I can see how this would be useful, it’s probably not something that I’d add in the near future, because it’s (a) relatively difficult to implement, (b) no one else has requested it, and © it’s not something I want for my own use.

Make a tag for yourself called ‘favourites’, with a few heart symbols as icons, apply the tag to the files you use most often and they will all be very easily and very quickly accessible.

Yes, there are certainly a variety of workarounds to make it easier to access certain files. Another one (which is commonly used in the Mac world) is to add spaces (or other characters) to the beginning of filenames so that certain files sort to the top or bottom.