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organizing files on my computer

I’d love to import all of my computer files into EagleFiler.
Otherwise, I will completely mess up my filing system trying to use EagleFiler; having my files split up into two separate filing systems.

My problem is I have folders organized in folders.
Some of those folders go deep.
Writing(main folder)
ebook making (secondary folder)
ebook templates(folder)
ebook assembly(folder)
ebook teaching(folder)
Advertising(secondary folder)

all of these folders include more folders, pdfs, text docs, etc.

Will EagleFiler be able to handle this?
Is this something you are working on, or is this asking for the impossible.
If you are working on it, do you have any idea of the time frame of update?

Thank you.

What’s the problem, exactly? EF does nested folders, if that’s your question.

Thanks, I didn’t realize EagleFiller does nested folders.