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Organizing "items" that logically belong together


I was wondering what is the recommended way and how other users are dealing with organizing items (file attachments, notes, bookmarks) that logically belong to the same item.

At a very high level you’d imagine some sort of container that defines the metadata (tags, etc.) and has as children all the attachments. Using this description the first thought would be to use a folder but that cannot carry any metadata (date, tags, etc.).

So how are you doing this?



Not sure how I missed it, but a similar discussion happened recently 1. While I do agree with most of the explanations in there, I don’t fully agree that there aren’t any good solutions for this use case considering EF is storing everything on disk.

The thing I have in mind is a “Collection” which could basically be just a text file that:

a) carries the metadata for the “Collection”
b) contains references to the files in the “Collection” – in a similar way to how notes attached to files are working [2]

[2]: an even more stable solution would use the EF recordGUID because that seem to be stable across changes

Folders in EagleFiler can indeed carry metadata: tags, notes, label colors, creation dates, From names, etc. As with other record types, you can view/edit this by selecting them in the records list.

Actually I don’t see any of these… I’ve created a folder as a sub-record of Records and:

  1. Info panel is read-only
  2. Record menu items: Marked as Unread, Mark as Flagged, Tag are disabled
  3. Record menu items: Edit Notes and Set Label are enabled but do nothing

What did I do wrong?


Select the sub-folder in the right-hand panel, not the left-hand panel.

You need to select the folder in the records list (at right), not in the source list, in order to be able to inspect/modify it. I think it’d be more discoverable if you could select a folder in the source list too.