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Original Files

Hi, I am new Mac user and am just trying to get a handle on EF, which seems to be the best product for my organizational needs at the moment.

My question is about the “original” documents imported into EF. First, if I have a document (mainly word or PDF) in my “Documents” folder and import it into EF, I understand that the original document remains in “Documents”. Can I erase it from Documents (and thereby keep Documents folder cleaner)? If I do erase it and then later have a problem with EF- or decide to uninstall it- will I be able to retrieve my document?

Finally, if I save a doument to PDF from the “print to PDF” button, is an “original” copy made? If so, where is it located?

Thanks for your input.


Yes, that’s what I recommend. It’s simpler not to maintain duplicate copies of your documents.

Yes, the library is open. It’s just a regular folder that’s managed by EagleFiler, so you can always go in and access your files, even if EagleFiler isn’t installed.

When you use the “PDF” button to “Save PDF to EagleFiler,” Mac OS X’s printing subsystem creates the original PDF file in a hidden folder of temporary files. EagleFiler then copies this file into the library. Later, Mac OS X automatically deletes the temporary files.