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OS 12.5.1 and greyed out Corpus

Updated to OS 12.5.1 and everything went bad. Once I reinstalled everything including SpamSieve, I tried to import the Corpus from my backup. No good, Corpus is greyed out and not able to import. Suggestions? Thanks!

I’m sorry to hear that. Could you be more specific about what happened?

When restoring from a backup, you can just restore the entire folder /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/ while the SpamSieve app is not running. The command to import the corpus is for if you had previously exported it, which uses a different file format.

Thank you. I did as you recommended but when I checked it was only showing the items from the past two days and not the accumulation from over the years. SpamSieve is still working great so I’ll leave it for now. Whatever Apple is doing is beginning to cause me issues that I’ve never had before…

Have a great weekend!


Glad to hear that it’s working, but it sounds like the wrong files were copied or else the app was running at the time. So I recommend saving a copy of the backed up files and trying again.

Thank you!