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OS X Lion AutoSave feature vs. EagleFiler

I was working on a TextEdit document that was filed into EagleFiler, and a message appeared stating that AutoSave was note able to function while it was in the EagleFiler library. What gives? Is there a way to have both? I know, I want it all…

It would be helpful to know precisely what error message(s) you are seeing, as otherwise I can only guess as to what’s happening.

My experience is that TextEdit in Lion is buggy in that if you edit the file in another application [that uses safe-saving] while it’s open in TextEdit, it does not properly allow you to “Save Anyway” your TextEdit changes, instead reporting “GSLibraryErrorDomain error 1”. (This seems to be an error related to network filesystems, even though it’s a regular file in a regular folder on my hard drive. I think the ultimate cause of the problem is Lion‘s App Sandbox.)

If I refrain from editing the file in EagleFiler while it’s open in TextEdit, there do not seem to be any problems. You might find it helpful to uncheck Allow Editing in Record Viewer to avoid making accidental edits.

I believe this was due to a bug in Mac OS X, which I’ve worked around in EagleFiler 1.5.6.