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OSX - Is there a way to Mark but don't move?

I have SpamSieve working with seven imap accounts on Mac Mail (ie: move spam to specific account spam folder, not simply one general spam folder).

Also, I’m doing some filtering on the server and for one account mail is being directed to several different sub-folders as it arrives. Will SpamSieve work with this type of setup? Basically, all I want SpamSieve to do (for now) is to mark as spam (blue text) and leave in same folder.

I was surprised when the following rule did not work:

"if **any** of the following conditions are met:
**"Every Message"**
Perform the following actions:
**Set Color** - **of text** - **Blue**

With the above rule, spam was still directed to the Spam folder even though not told to do so.

Thanks very much for responding.

Mail rules in general will not work with that setup, because Mail only auto-applies rules to unread messages in the inbox. You might be able to use a variant of the Apple Mail - SaneBox script, though.

I do not recommend spam rule actions that change the color. You could set a flag color, however.

It sounds like there’s something else going on here. SpamSieve never moves the message; it just allows Mail to apply the rule actions that you’ve already set.

Normal Mail rules work for me because on all accounts except the one “special” one all mail is coming into the my “in box”. My exact same setup is same on all my devices so my imap accounts work fine. The one special account that does filtering to move mail is a special “project” I’m working on too detailed to explain. It involves user account filtering on the server based on scores spam software running on the shared server. This is for a company and not myself and a totally separate project running on the mail server. btw… from what I’ve seen SpamSieve on my Mac works better than “the other” package on the server (but on this shared server many features are not available, such as the Bayesian filter.

Yes… Understood. Will let SpamSieve color spam.

I’ll check it out, but with SpamSieve turned off I move no spam at all and it stays in original folder as I want (for now). I turn SpamSieve on with the settings I show above and spam goes into “On my Mac” Spam. I’ll double check. (I’m talking about just my “regular” accounts with all mail coming to the in-box.

Could this in any way affect my operation of SpamSieve?

I have seven imap accounts. In the first six (created over several years) all sub-folders (spam, drafts, trash, sent, user created) appear down lower in the mail panel under an all cap line that is the name of the account. (I’m using “classic” layout.) At the top of the pane is the in-box only icon. HOWEVER, the latest imap account I created is setup (displays) differently. All sub-folders appear as subfolders with the account mailbox (there is an expansion drop down triangle on this ONE account only.)

I have no idea why this latest account “setup” differently than the others. Could this be effecting SpamSieve?

I don’t think so. The automatic message moving is handled by Mail; SpamSieve is not aware of the mailbox structure.

Ok… Thanks for the replies… I appreciate it very much. Looking forward to successful use of SpamSieve.