Out of space message on my Mac so cannot use EagleFiler

I am running EagleFiler on my Mac OS Ventura 13.4.1 (c). At least I was running it successfully for some months. Now, I cannot open my .eflibrary file because I keep getting the error message ‘You can’t save the file “EF Library.eflibrary” because the volume “EF Library” is out of space.’

The ejectable volume “EF Library” is a disk image “EF Library.sparsebundle” on my desktop. It was originally on my iCloud Drive but I moved it to my desktop where there is plenty of space.

Firstly, I am confused about the difference between the disk image “EF Library.sparsebundle” which Finder tells me is 2.01 GB in size, and my EF Library.eflibrary file which sits on that disk but finder tells me is only 14.2MB in size.

Secondly, and this is my biggest problem, I can no longer open Eaglefiler. If I right-click on the Eaglfiler icon in my dock, then click to open my .eflibrary file, I just get the same message about the volume “EF Library” is out of space. This, in spite of rebooting my Mac multiple times.

Thirdly, shouldn’t my volume EF Library expand as required since it is now located on my desktop where there is plenty of space?

Incidentally, I followed the instructions in the user manual to close the file before moving it. I ejected the disk before moving EF Library.sparsebundle to my desktop; so I think I did the moving correctly.

:grimacing: big sigh.

I’m making progress by inches, at least in analyzing the problem … but I have not resolved the problem. It all started when I first created my library and selected the option to “Encrypt library using passphrase”. I then accepted the default library type of Sparse Bundle Disk Image and must have nominated 2 GB as its size.

The trouble is that I have reached that 2GB limit but my Mac now won’t let me resize that Sparse Bundle Disk Image, which does not expand automatically. (I have tried resizing it via Disk Utility, but the procedure fails).

I have successfully created a new library in Eaglefiler and now I would like to copy my records from my old library, but because I cannot open it, I’m stuck!

Mmmm, I think I’m answering my own question/ solving my own problem. Having successfully created a new .eflibrary library, I see I can view the contents of my original .eflibary using Finder. I will experiment with copying those files and folders across to my new library using Finder (since I am unable to follow the EF manual’s instructions for merging the two libraries).

Mmmm, copying the Files from my old library to the new one using Finder seems to have been successful. But not the Notes.

I tried copying the Notes from my old library to my new library using finder, but now when I open the new library in Eaglefiler, the notes belong to the wrong files. I also cannot search successfully on Notes. Sigh.

I think I should have named this post “NIGHTMARE problems after setting library encryption”!

The .sparsebundle is the encrypted container for the entire library, whereas the .eflibrary is the bookkeeping information for the library’s metadata and indexes (but not the actual files).

macOS does not have a way to automatically expand the size of a .sparsebundle. However, you can resize it using Terminal or create a new, larger library and copy all of the files to it by following the instructions in the How can I rebuild a library? section. It’s important to copy the files as recommended there or you’ll lose the metadata like the notes.

@Michael_Tsai - thank you so much for your reply!! I was sinking, but you’ve thrown me a lifeline.

Thanks also for your concise explanation of .sparsebundle versus .eflibrary - I’m relieved to have that fundamental understanding.

I’m afraid I don’t have the technical knowledge or confidence to use Terminal for resizing, so I’ll follow your instructions in the How can I rebuild a library? section. Thanks for writing these clear instructions. This time I’ll follow your instructions exactly to hopefully keep my notes intact and where they should be.

:pray: :hibiscus: :smiley:

FEEDBACK: Just to let you know, there was a small matter of confusion when following your instructions in the How can I rebuild a library? section.

In your instructions, under “Rebuilding an Encrypted Library” Step 2. you say “In the Finder, rename the library’s disk image (the .sparsebundle or .sparseimage file), putting Old at the end of the name.”
… This changed the disk image name (.sparsebundle) in Finder, but did not change the name of the mounted disk displayed in the lefthand column of my Finder windows. As a result, I had two mounted disks with the same name, which was quite confusing. I think I would have preferred using a complete change of disk image name for the new library (such as NewLibrary resulting in NewLibrary.sparsebundle) so that the mounted disks had different names.

But, I managed, and the process worked! My notes in EagleFiler are where they should be :smiley: So many thanks!

Thanks for the feedback! I think I should probably have people rename the old mounted disk image, too.

That sounds good to me, especially if you explain how to rename it :clap:

And incidentally, my congratulations to you on creating such a robust, useful and secure notekeeping app. I just imported over 3,000 Evernote records into my new Eaglefiler library. I can kiss Evernote goodbye (with much relief), thanks again to Eaglefiler - and to your support :smiley:

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