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Outlook 2011 Crashing

Running Spamsieve 2.9.21 on OS X 10.10 using MS Outlook 2011

Two days ago my Outlook crashed when retrieving messages; first time I have seen this happen (been running Spamsieve for several years). All I could think of was the new version of Spamsieve.

Went to the website and downloaded a fresh copy and replaced the old. Restarted Outlook and retrieved messages without a problem. OK for 2 days.

Just now it happened again. Went through the same procedure but no luck…still crashes on message receipt.

Shutdown Outlook and attempted to open Spamsieve by itself but all it does is crash the finder.

Not sure what to do next.

Any ideas??

Outlook 2011 Crashes
Config: Outlook 2011, latest Spamsieve, OS X 10.10.5

Been a long time user of Spamsieve and never had a problem.

3 days ago, as Outlook was downloading messages, it crashed. Restarted it and it was OK if a message wasn’t being downloaded, but as soon as there was one to download, it crashed.
I then downloaded and installed a “new” version of Spamsieve from the website. Everything was back to working the way it should with no problems receiving messages.

Yesterday Outlook crashed again. I went through the same process of downloading and installing the latest version, but the problems continued.

I attempted to open Spamsieve but it crashed the finder.

I ended up removing Spamsieve. Anyone have any ideas?

For years I have enjoyed great service from Spamsieve and would like for that to continue.

Please send in the crash report files via e-mail so that I can see what’s happening here.

There was nothing in the log file (see attached). Spamsieve did not generate a crash report. MS Outlook did but that was automatically sent to MS.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 3.13.31 PM.JPG

Do you not have DiagnosticReports folder?

In any case, if this happens again, please copy/paste the crash info to a text file in the event that the system doesn’t generate a crash log file.

There was no diagnostics/Reports folder in the logs folder, the jpg I sent is what was in the folder. Could it be any other location in OS X 10.10.5?

Right now I have removed Spamsieve until I have time to reinstall and go through this again.

Not that I’m aware of. The reason I asked is that the screenshot did not show the entire folder contents.