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Outlook 2011 errors

I get the following error message, about 10% of all emails I receive. Any suggestions?


While processing message “Google Alert - “estate tax” senate” (ID 40962), the rule “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” could not be successfully executed. The script encountered error “Microsoft Outlook got an error: AppleEvent handler failed.” during execution.


Error code:-10000

It looks like you are attempting to use SpamSieve’s Entourage scripts with Outlook. That won’t work. Are you using the SpamSieve beta for Outlook? (I don’t see you on the list. Please contact spamsieve@c-command.com to join the beta test.)

Outlook beta
We just switched to Outlook 2011 GA and would like to join the beta. Sending an emial to you :slight_smile:

SpamSieve 2.8.4 includes support for Microsoft Outlook 2011.