Outlook 2011 - Updated to SP2 and now SpamSieve Scripts missing from menu

Please choose “Install Outlook Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu and then quit and relaunch Outlook. If that doesn’t help, please follow up via e-mail with some more information.

Hello Michael,
I did that last Friday and nothing happened :-(. However, I needed to leave so actually hard switched the Mac off for the weekend, something that does not happen that often.

On turning on today, it searched for up-dates as usual and another patch from Microsoft was ready to install for outlook (saying Critical). I ran this, I also checked that Install Outlook scripts was done again in Spamsieve, and - everything seems to be working again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your efforts here.

Just deleted some 75 spams that had gotten through since last week. Doubt there will be many more until Microsoft screw everything up again…

Updating the Scripts is a Good Thing
Since SP2, Outlook isn’t looking in the Microsoft User Data folder for scripts. Instead, it’s looking in the Application Support folder location. Leave the scripts in the MUD folder and Spamsieve never runs. All that happens is error messages.

Certainly, update the program, update the plugins. But it’s not going to work until you edit the ‘Spamsieve - Set Catagory’ rule to point to the script in the new location.

~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Outlook Script Menu Items/SpamSieve - Change Settings.scpt

The location of the script for the Set Category rule is totally independent of the location of the scripts that Outlook puts in the menu. I recommend that you follow the Setting Up Outlook instructions. SpamSieve will install its scripts in both locations. So it’s fine to have the rule reference a script in the Microsoft User Data folder.