Outlook 2011 - Updated to SP2 and now SpamSieve Scripts missing from menu

I just updated Outlook to SP2. It make me rebuild my database before Outlook would fully launch. When it did finally launch, I clicked the Script menu and found that only the default MS scripts were there. But I confirmed that all the scripts are still in the Home>Documents>Microsoft User Data>Outlook Script Menu Items folder. I even switched to SpamSieve and performed the “Install Outlook Scripts” command, then relaunched Outlook – but they scripts are still missing in the menu (despite being present in the right folder in the Finder).

I verified that all the Rules are still present in Outlook.

I also followed these instructions, but to no avail:

Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Outlook 14.2.0 stopped Spamsieve scripts from working
I also had the same problem after updating to Outlook 14.2.0 The SpamSieve scripts don’t display at the script pulldown menu while using Outlook, and I’m getting error messages saying the SpamSieve scripts aren’t working. I also checked the Outlook scripts folder, and the SpamSieve scripts are there.

The SpamSieve rules in Outlook should continue to work. If you’re getting script errors, choose “Install Outlook Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu to install fresh copies.

Regarding the missing SpamSieve commands in Outlook’s scripts menu, I have an update to SpamSieve that’s in testing now. Please send an e-mail if you’d like to try it.

Outlook scripts
I tried the “Install Outlook Scripts”, it did not work.

Outlook update.
Having used SpamSieve very successfully for nearly a year now and have just added a major update - (Service pack2?) and now spam sieve fails to open or work correctly?
Obviously something to do with microsoft and what has been updated. Tried to fix loads of ways but already spam is getting through.

Help would be appreciated - & I would guess this is going to be happening to plenty as the easter break finishes?

I can concur with what folks are saying here. Running Install Outlook Scripts does not help.

What are the exact circumstances of the errors that you’re seeing, and what do the errors say?

Testing on my Mac and those of customers who have e-mailed shows that filtering works just fine with SpamSieve 2.9 and Outlook 2011 SP 2. If that’s not what you’re seeing, please see the Checking the Outlook Setup page and/or send in a report.

It’s not clear to me what you are concurring with. Installing the scripts is not expected to help with the menu. If you’re seeing some other problem, please see the Checking the Outlook Setup page. If the problem still occurs, describe exactly what you did and what happened.

No scripts
When I “Check the Outlook Setup” there are no SpamSieve scripts showing. They are still in the Outlook Script Menu Items folder.

That is the expected behavior with SpamSieve 2.9.

You haven’t answered the question. Your first message said “I’m getting error messages saying the SpamSieve scripts aren’t working.” What triggers the error messages, and what do they say?

Outlook 2011 SP2 woes

I noticed today that Microsoft, it is supernatural wisdom, decided it would be best for one and all if it moved the Script location.

Pre-SP2 location:
Documents>Microsoft User Data>Outlook Script Menu Items

Post-SP2 location:
Home>Library>Application Support>Microsoft>Office>Outlook Script Menu Items

Note that the user “Library” is hidden in Lion. Yet another brilliant move by our beloved Microsoft.

I’d also like to add that the new Outlook breaks multilingual tricks that once worked. Most people couldn’t care less, but for those of us who live outside the US and are married to a spouse that speaks another language, the tricks were very helpful. Microsoft, being the “we know what’s best for you” company they are, believes households should speak a single language. This is why, for example, you cannot buy Microsoft Office 2011 Mac “English” and then switch OS X’s language to make Office switch to that other language. If you buy the English edition of Office 2011, it remains in English regardless of the Language preference you choose in OS X. But the trick that once worked was, if you purchased the English version (Business edition, which includes Outlook), assuming you also have the other language version of Office too (say Japanese, for instance), you could install that other language version over the English version and then get both languages in the same set of apps. That would make Office run like it should have from the beginning – empowering you the user to switch the language of Office in accordance with the UI language you prefer to use in OS X (as you can with just about any other app for the Mac). That way my wife could see the Japanese UI in office in her OS X user account and I would get English. But now that is broken in Outlook. With SP2, even if you install the Japanese Office over your English Office install, only one language works. If you try to launch Outlook in the other OS X UI language, it will give you a database error and you cannot rebuild or create a new database to fix it. I even tried copying the Outlook SP2 app over from a separate install (on another drive) to see if that would be a fix, but it wasn’t – Microsoft is breaking this functionality via some means other than just the Outlook app. A sneaky and underhanded trick on Microsoft’s part if you ask me.

So SP2 takes an enormous step back in terms of multilingual freedom for users. I can only sympathize with Michael Tsai over having to modify his fine product only because of the continued idiocy of Microsoft. If I didn’t like Outlook so much (versus Apple Mail), I’d ditch it in a heartbeat. Even with Michael’s newest scripts, there are still some slowdowns (which I’ve reported in other threads here), which I blame Microsoft for. Not having read about similar sluggishness when SpamSieve is used with other email clients, I can only assume those slowdowns are exclusive to Microsoft Outlook.

Anyway, thank you again, Michael Tsai for staying on top of the game.

I found another problem just now. Junk mail is being dumped into the wrong folder on my IMAP accounts. The rules I setup previously have not changed though. I had a rule that following the “Set Category” rule that used to throw all the mail with the category of “Junk” or “Uncertain Junk” folder tied to my IMAP “INBOX.” But now there is a new folder at the top of my IMAP heirarchy named “Spam” and all junk mail is getting thrown in there. That remains true even after I delete that “Spam” folder. It keeps getting recreated and junk mail gets dumped inside it. I have Outlook’s Junk Mail Protection switched off (“None” setting), so I know that is not the root cause. I never had this problem prior to SP2.

FORUM NOTE: I was getting “Gateway” and “500 Internal Server” errors when trying to post several hours ago. I don’t get those errors now, but performance in this forum is very, very slow today.

Hello Michael,
I admit to not being that savvy when it comes to computers - I just use them i’m affraid.
Setting up was reasonably easy to follow on the MAC, but some of the stuff written above is beyond me.

When I boot up outlook, the spam sieve schroll is next door to the ‘help’ on the top bar.
If I click this a weird sub menu comes up :-



clicking any of these usually brings up further sub menus

When that is closed the spam sieve schroll is missing from the top bar - next to help

I have done what is said in the above posts to try and correct - I have no idea where these ‘scripts’ are located though.

I was hoping that I do not have to completely re-install Spamsieve again?
If I do will it work correctly though.

Kind Regards,


PS - I have been through the checking outlook setup page and everything is still there and correct.

If I did not need the stuff in office like outlook / word / exel etc I would very happily dump microsoft altogether…

Same problem for me - scripts to train are no longer on the outlook scripts menu
Installed SP2 for outlook and, like everyone here, lost the training ability. Reinstalled scripts, reinstalled app - no change.

I’m not seeing that in my copy of Outlook and have heard no other reports of this. I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that this happened at the time of your SP 2 update. Maybe server-side spam filtering has been enabled on your IMAP server.

Sorry about that. I’ve reported this to the server admins. It seems to be working properly now, but if you experience further problems please send me an e-mail.

I think the source of your confusion is that this scroll is not specific to SpamSieve. It’s Outlook’s scripts menu.

Let me repeat what I said above: you are supposed to lose the training commands when using SpamSieve 2.9 with Outlook 2011 SP 2. Reinstalling is not supposed to help. To fix this you will need the SpamSieve 2.9.1 update that’s in testing now. Please send an e-mail if you’d like to try it.

Hello Michael,
Ok, now I understand.
The schroll appearing and disappearing is a known thing to you.
The ‘spam training’ will return when the 2.9.1 is issued - will we automatically get these updates or will we need to request them please?

Oddly, some of the spam that is now getting through would automatically have been caught last week for certain. Not a lot is getting through, but I have become accustomed to zero thanks to you!

I will await further news.

Kind Regards,


You’ll get the update automatically when it’s finished—not sure when that will be. Or you can e-mail me to get a beta version now.

Save the ones that get through so that you can train them with 2.9.1.

Microsoft has pulled the SP2 update:

On April 12th, we released SP2 for Office for Mac 2011. The majority of our customers have been delighted with the improvements – new features and performance. Unfortunately, a small percentage are experiencing some issues with the update, specifically related to the Outlook for Mac database. We’ve documented the primary issue and work around in a blog post that can be found here.

Time Frame on 2.9.1??? (EoM)
When do you expect to have 2.9.1 completed?

I have a beta version that solves the Outlook problem available now. Just e-mail if you want it.

For the final release of 2.9.1, I’m waiting for an updated version of the Growl SDK that will fix some crashes and internal errors that are affecting SpamSieve users. I’m not sure when that will be ready, but hopefully soon.

SpamSieve 2.9.1 is now available. It should automatically make things work with Outlook 2011 SP2.

Hello Michael,
Thank you for this.
I have installed it, but I still have no ‘train as spam’ in menu to tell about what is starting to fill my mail box?
I am used to having non - now 20+ per morning :frowning:

Am I doing something wrong.

Have looked at outlook scripts, they are there.

Any help here would be appreciated.