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Outlook 2011

Is there any way to get SpamSieve to work with Outlook 2011 beta?

Sorry if this has been covered previously.


Yes, please contact spamsieve@c-command.com.

SpamSieve 2.8.4 includes support for Microsoft Outlook 2011.

Scripts missing
Michael, I confirmed today that SpamSieve 2.8.4 does work fine with Outlook 2011. However, all the SpamSieve scripts are missing from the Outlook 2011 script menu. Specifically, the following are missing:

SpamSieve - Change Settings
SpamSieve - Move If Spam
SpamSieve - Train Good
SpamSieve - Train Spam

How do I restore these in the Outlook 2011 script menu?

Thank you.

Scratch my previous post. I found the answer here:


Thank you!

Multiple IMAP Accounts and multiple JUNK folders
I have implemented your advice at the following link and have been using it for a couple days:


But I now have the problem here JUNK email from all my IMAP accounts gets moved into the same JUNK folder under one of my IMAP accounts. How do I setup the Outlook “Rules” to get JUNK email moved into the individual JUNK folder under its own IMAP account?

In other words, I don’t want all JUNK thrown into the same folder. I want JUNK email from IMAP Account-A moved into the JUNK folder for Account-A, and I then want JUNK from Account-B moved into Account B’s JUNK folder.

Thank you.

You could create a separate “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule for each account. Add a third If criterion that says “Folder Is INBOX (A)” and then change the Then action to “Move message Junk E-mail (A).”

Michael, thank you for your advice. I had thought of that, however, your Outlook Setup web page advises that the Move Messages rule be set to “if any criterion are met.” And because JUNK and UNCERTAIN JUNK are in there, it’s not a simple matter of setting it to “if all criteria are met.” What are your thoughts in light of this?

You’re right; my mistake. I think you would need to split “Move Messages” into two rules. “Move Junk” would look for all where the category is Junk and the folder is inbox A. “Move Uncertain Junk” would look for all where the category is Uncertain Junk and the folder is inbox A.