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Outlook after Migration Assistant issue

Just used Migration assistant to move everything to new Macbook. Although everything migrated fine, I did lose the script icon at top of menu bar. The one that I use to train mail for spam. SpamSieve migrated fine. Outlook filter mailboxes migrated fie. There is simply icon for training spam. Running Outlook 16.56 on Catalina.

Please see Step 1:

In the Finder, choose Utilities from the Go menu and open the Script Editor (or AppleScript Editor) application. Open its Preferences window. Click on the General tab, and make sure that Show Script menu in menu bar is checked.

It is checked. Still no icon, except script editor icon which contains numerous folders. Also now when I launch Outlook spamsieve does not open. I have to open it manually. Used to open when I opened Outlook.

It should be the script icon. Did you install the scripts in Step 3?

Did you launch the helper app (Step 5)?

Thanks Michael - all is good now.

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