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Outlook - Filter Mailboxes: “Application isn’t running” Error

Using Outlook 2016. Have installed the script Outlook - Filter Mailboxes.
First execution works great. It filters through the Inboxes and moves Spam correctly.

Then on next scan it gets an error:

Application is not running
System Events got an error: Application isn’t running. (-600)

Any ideas about why the script is failing?

If I quit the script and restart it works the first time, but always fails when left open.

Running OS 10.11.3

This looks like an OS bug to me because I don’t think System Events should be failing. It might help to change:

tell application "System Events"
    if not (exists process "Microsoft Outlook") then
        my debugLog("Outlook is not running")
    end if
end tell

in the script to:

if application "Microsoft Outlook" is not running then
    my debugLog("Outlook is not running")
end if

Let me know if that helps. Or, if you don’t understand how to make the change, I will try to make an updated script tomorrow.

Didn’t work - got syntax error
Expected class name but found identifier.

Perhaps the text wasn’t pasted in quite the right place. Please try the updated version of the script that I posted.