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Outlook Filter not showing up in the menu bar

Hopefully someone can help me out here. All of a sudden the icon on the top menu bar that you used to train SpamSieve emails is gone. I have restarted the macbook, I have shutdown and restarted the Outlook-Mailbox Filter app and still has not changed.

Any ideas before remove and start over?

Enabling that menu is part of the Outlook setup instructions:

In the Finder, choose Utilities from the Go menu and open the Script Editor (or AppleScript Editor) application. Open its Preferences window. Click on the General tab, and make sure that Show Script menu in menu bar is checked. (You may have to uncheck and then check the box before the icon shows up in the menu bar.)

Thank you that was the issue. Not sure how that got unchecked out of the blue. I have been using SpamSieve for a couple of years and that has always been there. Thanks again