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Outlook for Mac 2011 erased all emails within a certain date range - strange

Hey Guys,

Anyone ever seen this issue? I noticed that all of my email that was received between 1/1/2015 - 1/30/2015 was completed erased from Outlook - including email that was filed in subfolders! This was all from a POP server (none of the IMAP email from other servers was affected). But it did go in a delete all messages received within this time period.

I did recently perform a SpamSieve update to 2.9.19 and am curious if that might be related to the issue (I doubt it), but need to inquire.

The ISP/server does not seem to be involved as emails on other devices were not affected.

This is related to Microsoft Outlook for Mac (14.4.7) running on a MacBook Pro 15 (OS 10.10.2) and SpamSieve 2.9.19.

I have rebuilt my Microsoft Database to no avail. No Exchange server is being used.

The only two applications involved would be Outlook and SpamSieve.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



SpamSieve never deletes anything from Outlook.

That’s what I figured, Michael. Ironically, that’s what Microsoft claims, too. It’s just incredibly strange, no idea of how this occurred.

Still believe it is some sort of database corruption issue as the most likely source of the issue, but rebuilding the DB didn’t resolve anything (not that that discounts anything, either).

Anyway, thanks for responding so quickly (as usual), much appreciated.


Yes, sounds like a database issue to me.