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Outlook other rules on Mac mini M1 Big Sur

I am using Outlook Mac 2016 on Big Sur OS

I’ve created the InboxSpamSieve folder at the top of other rules, to retrieve all my mail pop accounts together (I move the mail after, using automatic rules).

I’ve 2 problems:

  1. Once the mail go to the InboxSpamSieve folder , my other personal rules (pre-existing rules, mostly moving emails to different folders) doesn’t apply on the messages.
  2. The InboxSpamSieve folder doesn’t become empty: a dozen of messages remains in the folder, also after much time.

Can I have some help?

This is normal. You could put the InboxSpamSieve rule below your other rules if you want them to have priority.

Please make sure that the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes app is running in your Dock (Step 5) and also that you are using the most recent version of that app (as it works around a macOS bug on M1 Macs).

I don’ want to eliminate the email check of SpamSieve. I would only like to eliminate spam messages with SpamSieve, and to the remaining good messages apply my other displacement rules. Instead, after spamsieve checked the emails, those “good” are moved all together in the Inbox and no rule is applied more.

Is the issue that you have spam messages that would be matched by your other rules?

With Apple Mail, you can put the SpamSieve rule at the top of the list, and any non-spam messages will still be filtered by the remaining rules.

With Outlook, that’s not possible, but you can put the SpamSieve rule at the bottom and change your other rules to move messages to additional InboxSpamSieveXYZ folders, as described here. That way the messages can be filtered for spam and still filed into other folders.