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A pre-sales question: I’m wondering if OwnCloud is good enough to have a smooth syncing betweeen my Mac and my iPhone with EagleFiler.
I’m not comfortable with Dropbox.
In case the answer is not, what is the best alternative cloud syncing for this setup?

I’m tired of DevonThink issues and the bad character of their support, so I think EF is the best substitute.

Thank you!

Hi again,

I’ve seen that NextCloud is a fork of OwnCloud, and it seems to be better.
What do you think?

Thank you for reading me!

We’ve not tested EagleFiler with OwnCloud or NextCloud, but I imagine it would work similarly to the other cloud syncing services, and I think I’ve heard of a few customers using it. I would suggest giving it a try using the free EagleFiler demo and see how you like it. You would want to follow the same rules that are listed here, i.e. only opening a given library in one copy of EagleFiler at a time. (It’s fine to open individual files on the iPhone while EagleFiler is open on a Mac.)

I’ve not been able to find direct confirmation, but it looks like OwnCloud might not support Finder labels or creation dates (Dropbox doesn’t either), so those attributes might not sync and might get lost if you move or edit the file on another device.

Hi Michael,

The trial period ended without testing NextCloud. I tested it with Box, but it is is resulting in very slow syncing and Box does not accept packages, so some compressed items couldn’t be synced.
I don’t mind Finder labels. I would like to know if NextCloud would accept EF tags.
That is my principal system to find my files, although file names, of course.

Thank you very much for replying me!

I sent you an extension to your EagleFiler trial period so you can try it with NextCloud. It looks like OwnCloud itself doesn’t support Finder tags. However, EagleFiler is designed to work with systems that discard Finder tags. If tags get lost due to syncing, EagleFiler will restore them automatically.

Hi Michael,

It’s very kind of you, thank you very much!
I’ll test it and shall leave my impressions here.

Best Regards,

Hi again,

NextCloud is a good alternative to sync between my Mac and iOS.
It does not preserve Finder attributes, but for my purposes is enough.
I want to replace DevonThink and DevonThink To Go. It’s bugs and bad education of developers have reached my limits.

So, right now I’m going to purchase my license of EagleFiler.

Michael, we’ve been in contact through another email account different to this I’m using for the forum, related to Canary Islands taxes:
So, rest assured that I will buy the license.

Thank you one more time for your EXCELLENT support and your kindness.

Best Regards,

Manuel Santana
Voluta Estudio CEO and founder

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Just an update to this post to clarify that I’ve installed NextCloud (a fork of OwnCloud) in my professional site.
It seemed to work Ok, but when EagleFiler was uploading db and files, multiple 500 server errors became.
After several adjustments in server and my Mac proxy, bandwidth, etc… the final conclusion is that NextCloud it is NOT RELIABLE.
DO NOT use it with Eagle Filer.
Another annoying thing is that my site was blacklisted by Norton Safe Web, as it were containing malware. The files identified so were .webloc files inside EagleFiler.
Of course they were not malware. I’ve scanned my Mac with Bitdefender Pro and MalwareBytes to be sure.

My best option to sync EagleFiler with my iPhone, actually is iCloud. For 0,99€/month now I have a fast syncing, reliable, and… the best of all: it preserves Finder attributes.

So, what else can I ask for?

I hope this info is useful for everyone in this forum.

Best Regards,
Manuel Santana
Voluta Estudio CEO and founder

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