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Particular spam message marked as junk not working

I’ve been using SpamSieve successfully for a couple of months but recently I’ve started getting a particular spam message that, despite marking it as junk, continues to appear in my Inbox.

Is there anything I can do about this?



Please follow the If you have spam messages in your inbox instructions and e-mail me the requested information so that I can help you.

Thanks Michael, will do…

Thanks for sending me the additional information. It looks like there is primarily one type of problem message, which is malformed in a way that is partially confusing SpamSieve. I will address this in a future version of SpamSieve. Meanwhile, to block these messages you could create a blocklist rule. Go to the Filter menu, choose Add Rule, and click the Blocklist button. Enter the subject of the message where it says “text to match” and change the Header column to say Subject.