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Password / Encryption


I understand there are plans to add encryption in a future release. I find Yojimbo’s approach completely unusable (which is one reason I’m evaluating Eaglefiler). In Yojimbo you have to enter your password every single time you want to access a password (unless you allow Yojimbo to stash your password in the Keychain, which lowers your security considerably). What I would much prefer would be entering the password upon opening the library and having the entire library available as long as it is open.

Having said that, the ability to simply password-protect a library would proably serve most of my needs. Is this on the list for a release in the near future?



Yes, the way I plan to do it is to lock/unlock the whole library at once.

You can do this now. Open Disk Utility and choose File > New Blank Image. Create a suitably large image, with encryption, and set the format to sparse. Then create an EagleFiler library on that image. Whenever you want to access the library, open the .sparseimage file and enter your password. When you want to protect the library, close it in EagleFiler and eject the image.

Wow. You learn something new every day. Thanks!

With EagleFiler 1.2 there is now an easier way to create an encrypted library.