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PayPal always shows up as spam, even after multiple “as good” trainings?

It looks like the majority come from service@paypal.com.

I have trained as good many times, but PayPal messages continue to get identified as spam. My installation is very plain (no custom filters; only smart mailboxes and no moving of messages outside of SS).

I’m attaching screenshots of the whitelist and blocklist. I’m not expert enough to know if fixing this issue might simply entail checking the checkboxes that are currently unchecked … any advice and instruction would be welcomed!




What this shows is that you have received both good and spam messages from that address, so SpamSieve is neither whitelisting it nor blocklisting it. If you want to always receive messages from that address, you could add it to your address book. Otherwise, SpamSieve will look at the message contents to decide whether it is spam. In order to know why it is thinking the messages are spam, I would need to see your log file.

Thanks! A simple solution, and just what I needed.