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Permanently delete emails from spam folder?

SpamSieve is working great…now I have thousands bad emails in my spam folder. If I just delete them, they will go to my MAIL trash.

I want them gone forever.

How do I manage to delete them not just from the spam folder, but from my computer all together?


Brad in Denver

PS. Who’s gonna be my hero? :slight_smile:

If you’re referring to Apple Mail, it’s not possible to delete messages directly. First they go to Mail’s trash, and then you either empty the trash or have Mail set to automatically empty it.

thanks Michael. Do you think it is possible to flag or somehow mark these spam emails? So then when they move to the TRASH I can search for the flag (or other marking?) and delete them easily?

Thanks for your help my friend.


SpamSieve already colors the messages. You could change the rule so that it also flags them.

Deleted mail goes back to spam folder
I have almost 80,000 mails in my spam folder. When I try to delete them, they go away for a while and then reappear in the spamfolder. They don’t show in my Trash folder. (I am using Mail on iMac).

Usually when I hear this, the problem ends up being that Mail’s database is damaged and needs to be rebuilt.