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Permanently delete repeating spam messages without having to peruse them?


I am on Apple Mail using SpamSieve and I was curious if there was a way to permanently delete the constantly recurring messages such as “Viagra,” “New Cars Plus,” “Holiday Rewards” etc. that are clogging the Spam folder? In other words, once I have trained a message as spam with those and similarly obvious spammy subject lines is there a way to have it just be automatically trashed so I never even have to see it? It’s driving me nuts constantly having to scan the Spam folder in order to delete these messages–and there are hundreds of them after a few hours. I completely understand the need to peruse the Spam folder to catch the “good” messages from time to time. But it’s wearing me down seeing stuff day after day that I should never have to see again. For example, just in the time that I’ve been writing this message, “Macys Holiday Rewards” popped up in my Spam folder, and I’ve received that message before. So is there a way that that can just go directly to the trash?

SpamSieve is great! Just hoping I can automate it a bit more.

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Please see my reply in the earlier thread.