Persistent spammer still getting through

I’ve been using SpamSieve for a few years now and it’s been fine, but recently one persistent spammer’s spam is always getting through SpamSeive, even though I always use Train As Spam.

It’s erectile disfunction, penis enlargement, wonder weight loss, miracle cure spam with the same look and feel.

Any idea how it’s getting past SpamSieve and what I can do about it?

Many thanks


Does the Log window say that SpamSieve predicted the messages to be good?

I’ve always used SpamSieve straight out of the box and never looked at the log files before. They don’t seem to be listed as predicted to be anything.

Curiously the log shows that “SpamSieve had not previously seen tis email this message” despite there being two identical ones above it

I did get enough info from the SpamSieve analysis to enable me to add a rule to my server, so it seems to have stopped it

I’m not sure which mail program you’re using (it seems like you are training from the SpamSieve window rather than from within your mail client), but SpamSieve not seeing the message generally indicates a setup problem or that another device is marking the message as read before it gets to your Mac.

I’m using the standard Mac email client and selecting the email and clicking on the toolbar icon and then Train as Spam. SpamSieve seems to recognise other spam OK and put it into Junk, just not email from this spammer. I’m not aware of changing anything, but I’l follow the setup procedure again

Rather than the setup procedure, please try following the setup checklist. And, specifically when you receive this message, try using the Filter Now button.

Sorry for the delay replying, I’ve been away for a few days. After a few hiccups I think it’s all working fine again. Thanks for your help

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