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Pin folders

I use a fairly long list of folders to manage projects/personal/research. I tend to be working on one or two things at a time and it would be helpful to be able to pin/favourite the relevant folders to the top of the list. Is there a way of doing this, or a workaround. I thought about using a tag but I can’t see how to tag a folder.

I agree that it would be useful to be able to pin folders. There are a few workarounds at present:

  • You can tag a folder (first search for it under Records), and then it will appear under that tag in the source list.

  • You can create a smart folder that shows the same contents as the folder, and then it will always be visible at the top level of the source list.

  • You can open multiple tabs (or windows) for your library and keep each one set to showing the folder for a different current project.

Many thanks. Now that I know how to tag folders (should have figured that out - completely logical!) I can tag them as “favourites” and I’ve created a smart folder called “__favourites” which includes everything tagged that way.

The neat thing is I can also ‘favourite’ individual files elsewhere which I might be working with.


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+1 for this idea