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Plea for a Windows version

To my mind, there is no piece of software on the Mac–or perhaps anywhere–that’s the equal of Eaglefiler. But with my workflow I’m really feeling a need for a more cross-platform documents-manager & notes-taker.

The popularity of Evernote shows how much people are hungering for a cross-platform approach. But I’ve checked out Evernote, and it’s much inferior to Eaglefiler, IMHO (the folders issue, for one thing, and, more importantly, the proprietary-format business & one-database approach).

Michael, please consider–if it’s technically possible–doing something like what Scrivener’s developer did and recruiting someone to create an Eaglefiler equivalent on Windows. I realize it’s probably a more difficult proposition, since I don’t think the Windows and Mac versions of Scrivener sync with one another, while that would be crucial for Eaglefiler.

But it seems to me that there’s still a big opportunity in this cross-platform space. People keep asking MS to create a OneNote for Mac, but they haven’t done it. That’s opened the door for Evernote, which is booming as a business but produces an inferior product to yours.

I still think the best cross-platform option is Eaglefiler. (Even though most of its functionality is absent on the Windows side, everything is at least accessible.) But it’s not a very good cross-platform option (in contrast to being ideal in a Mac-only environment).

I’ve mentioned this in passing before–maybe even using the same words–but as I’ve been using a Windows laptop more and more my workflow is starting to feel really awkward.

I just tried Evernote for a week and it mainly reminded me of how good Eaglefiler is–except for the Mac-only issue.

The Evernote forums are full of people who dislike the things I dislike about it, so there’s your market.