Please help me adjust my settings

I’m using SpamSieve 3.0.1 and here are my settings.

Using those settings, the emails colored blue and grey are being moved to my Trash folder. What do I need to change to have them go instead to my Junk folder?

If you want all the spam messages to go to Junk, you should uncheck Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least.

I obviously made a mistake when I checked “Move it to Trash if the spam score is at least”.

What I’d like to be able to do at this point is to automatically move the blue and gray emails to Junk and move the rest of the colored emails to some folder besides Trash where I could look at them to see if any of them were not really spam and mark those as Good. Eventually I would include the 88-94 and 81 to 87 in the automatically moved.

What do I need to do to be able to do that, or is there a better way?

There’s no way to do that at present. The options are Junk and Trash. There is also an option to notify you of spam messages with low scores.

Right after my last post I unchecked “Move it to Trash if the spam score is at least” but spam is still being sent to my Trash. Why? Also you say “The options are Junk and Trash”. Where do I choose Junk"

There is no place to choose Junk because Junk is the default for all messages that you didn’t tell it to move to Trash. In other words, if you uncheck the trash option, everything will go to Junk.

Maybe the messages are being moved to Trash by something else (other rules, another Mac, a server filter). Does SpamSieve’s Log window say that it predicted those messages to be spam?

Or it could be that they are temporarily being copied to Trash due to your Junk mailbox not being set to a server mailbox. In that case, when Mail moves a message off the server it will create a copy in the local mailbox and move the server copy of the message to the trash.

Please see the post of mine that now appears above your “There is no place to choose…” post, and was a reply to that post. I started writing that post yesterday and somehow it got added out of order.

Just now a yellow email appeared in Junk so I guess thing are working properly after all. Sorry.