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Plug-in notice can't be dismissed in SpamSieve 2.9.41

During the last two SpamSieve updates (2.9.41 and the previous one), after installation, the “Make sure that Spamsieve’s Apple Mail plug-in is enabled” message appears and cannot be dismissed.

Clicking on either Quit or Continue has no effect, and the window remains “stuck” above everything else on the screen, requiring me to restart my Mac. I’ve used SpamSieve for many years, and this has never occurred until these last two updates. I’m running macOS 11.1 Big Sur.

When this happened with the previous SpamSieve update (within the last week or so), I took it in stride. But since it happened again today with 2.9.41, I had to report it.

I have a screencast of this behavior I can provide, if needed.

Thanks for the report. I’m not sure why that would be happening for you, as the code hasn’t changed—it’s just a a standard macOS alert—and no one else has reported this. Does it help if you scroll down any text in the alert window? Have you tried force quitting SpamSieve instead of restarting the Mac?

Thanks for the reply. Scrolling down doesn’t help, nor does force-quitting SpamSieve (which I did from Activity Monitor, because I have SpamSieve hidden from the dock).

Perhaps something else is interfering, although I’m not yet sure what that could be, since I’m not running any other Mail plug-ins. I suppose I’ll have to wait until the next update to test this further, unless I manually download the latest version and reinstall it.

Did Activity Monitor still show SpamSieve running after force quitting? If it actually quit, I don’t see how it could still be showing a window. (The alert is shown by the SpamSieve app, not the plug-in.)

Excellent question. I forgot to mention that force-quitting from Activity Monitor apparently did not work, because the alert remained. That’s why I ultimately had to restart the Mac.

(Thanks for clarifying which component is responsible for the alert.)