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Point eaglefiler at existing file structure?

I’ve got several existing file hierarchies that I’d like to turn into eaglefiler libraries. I understand that I can import and keep existing hierarchies, but I’d rather not move them. Is this possible?


EagleFiler copies files into its library folder; it’s not currently possible to make it reference files that are stored externally. However, after importing you could move the library folder to where your original folder was, thus keeping the hierarchy mostly the same.

Hi Michael,

I would like to avoid to duplicate files on my macbook pro. I’m not sure if chrisduke had the same question/issue as I have. I was hoping that with the APFS’s cloning feature I could import my existing files without duplicating them. Is it possible? If not which alternative do I have / do you suggest?
I tought this is the beauty of EagleFiler :slight_smile:

Second question: I’m using Spark es Email App. Unfortunately, not supported yet. Is it on your road map?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

On macOS 10.13, EagleFiler uses APFS’s cloning feature so that file copied into the library do not use any additional disk space.

Sure, you can just move them into the EagleFiler library folder.

No, because it seems like Spark does not have an export feature or scripting support, and it doesn’t store the e-mail files in a standard format. However, you could add your account to Apple Mail, let the data automatically sync through the mail server, and import from there.