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Pop up/side drawer for EF windows

Can you make drop box, errors, progress windows optional side drawers?
I can never find them under everything.
Thank you for considering it.

I don’t see any reason to make the Drop Pad a drawer. The main point of the Drop Pad is to have a small window that can stay above the other windows, so it’s always accessible. If it were a drawer, then to be in the front the whole browser window would have to be in the front, and then you could simply drag and drop into the browser window and there would be no need for the Drop Pad. (The other purpose of the Drop Pad is to let you choose which library to import into, and this also wouldn’t really make sense if it were connected to the browser window as a drawer.)

The Errors window will automatically come to the front if there’s a new error, so I don’t think you need to worry about whether it’s visible.

I will consider attaching the Activity Viewer to the library. I can see some advantages, although a disadvantage is that it would probably take up more screen space.

Reading this again, I see that you are probably referring to Drop Drawers–style drawers rather than standard Mac OS X drawers. In that case, I would suggest using EagleFiler’s Dock icon as an always-accessible substitute for the Drop Pad. Or, better yet, just press the capture key instead of dragging and dropping.

Thanks Michael
I can see the logic behind your decision.
Thanks for the great program!