"Pop Ups"

Good Day:

Have been running the latest version of S.S. and like mostly everyone have had to do a few tweaks to get it to my liking. One issue I have not been able to alter and haven’t found a post relating pop ups that appear on my iPhone, iPad and Mac Studio M2. I have the Studio set up as a mail server. Apple mail is running but I am also using AirMail as my interface. I see these pop ups on the phone that are really not appropriate to have show up but they do. Spam Sieve will pop up on the Mac also but not on the other devices.
The software certainly takes care of the spam but I don’t care to see it in action.

Any thoughts on this??

I’m not sure what you mean by “pop-ups.” Are you referring to Notification Center?

You are right again Michael. THANK YOU! I see no Notifications / Pop Ups any more. How great it that???
I do notice that though I am not getting pop ups, did I say “thank you” yet, I still get the emails in the inbox on my iPhone or iPad until I get home an open the Mac. So I am guessing that this is telling me that I have improper settings somewhere on the Mac.

What might I be missing here?

Thanks so much once again for this great piece of software!

Is Mail running on your Mac? SpamSieve’s Log window will show when each message was processed, so you should be able to see whether this is correctly happening while you’re away from the Mac (vs. whether there’s a problem with the mail syncing to the iPhone). Also, please see Troubleshooting iPhone Spam Filtering.

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Greetings once again Dr. Michael.

You’ve cured another “patient”. Seem like all my ducks are lined up now and I see no spam anywhere. Thanks so very much again with your assistance with pointing me in the right direction!