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Possible bug with Esoteric > Clear the Search setting

First, let me tell you how glad I was to find the “Clear the Search” esoteric setting. It was driving me crazy having to clear the search field all the time to see the records as I went from source to source. I kept thinking records were missing or getting hidden somehow. Anyway, I’m glad you have that feature!

I think there is a slight bug with it though for the case that a source folder appears in the records list when searching.

For example, if I search for text “adfa” and both individual records and a folder titled “adfa” appears in the records panel as part of the search results, double-click on the “adfa” source does not clear the search.

However clicking on the same “adfa” folder in the source panel does clear the search.

It’s usually easier to double-click on the found folder in the records list rather than go hunting for the same folder afterwards in the source list, so it would be nice if the behavior was the same, since a folder is really a source whether it shows up in the sources panel or in the records panel, right?



Thanks for the report. I’ll fix this in the next version. Meanwhile, you may want to click the Contents button or choose [Contents of Record](Contents of Record) from the contextual menu. This will select the folder in the source list without opening a new window.

Ah. So that’s what that button is for. :slight_smile:



This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.4.6.