Possible issue with the script to Rescue Good Messages

Since activating the script, I have been having trouble with my Junk folder filling with thousands of messages. Many are 10-20 copies of the same message. This occurred concurrent with my IMAP server experiencing some (unexplained) logon issues. It has happened three times. To the tune of 65,000 messages. My solution was to to use the servers webmail, delete the folder, then create a fresh, empty Junk folder. That seemed to stop the download for now. I have deactivated the rule for the script. Do you think that the script could have caused this?

I wouldn’t expect the script to cause that because all it does is move messages out of the Junk mailbox. It doesn’t make copies or move messages in to Junk. I suppose it’s possible that after the script moves messages to the inbox some other rule or script is moving/copying the messages back to Junk

If you open the Log window, you can see what SpamSieve and the script did. Are there any log entries for the messages that you have multiple copies of? If it says Predicted: Good for them, that means the script would have moved them to the inbox. If it says Predicted: Spam, the script would have only changed their color.

Because the problem was causing me to exceed my 5GB storage limit on the server I had to dump all of those problem messages so I don’t have them to troubleshoot from. With the rule deactivated it has been stable today. I’m going to enable it tonight and see what tomorrow brings. I will update.