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Possible to add spam controls to message-level flyout?


I wonder if the SpamSieve message tagging controls could be placed at the message level flyout rather than the main menu flyout. This would certainly be more accommodating for my way of handling email and such.


I’m not sure what you mean by “message level flyout.” Right now, the training commands in Apple Mail are located in the Message menu and are also available via keyboard shortcuts.

What I mean is that by right-clicking on a message summary, that the flyout menu that results might contain the “train” commands.

I see. This is called a “contextual menu.” The SpamSieve commands are not currently available there, but it’s a feature I’d like to add.

How’s the contextual menu item feature coming along?

I’ve been a long time user of SpamSieve. I’ve used it with both older versions of Entourage and Apple Mail. (Honestly without SpamSieve Apple Mail is almost unbearable.) But one item that is sorely missed in Mail are the Train as ___ contextual menu items such as is/was available in Entourage.

I’ve searched for ways to try and implement it on my own, but have not come up with any (elegant) solutions. I’ve kept an eye on the forum here to see if others were asking for the feature and when/if it might become a reality.

I know the Train As commands are available in the top level menu, and I know there are key commands, but the best implementation I’ve used bar none were the contextual menu items. Please Please Please tell me you’ve got a solution or something in the works to address this.

If not, is there a Train As contextual menu item in another current email client? I am sooooo not married to Mail…

Yes, it’s in the works.

I believe MailMate has contextual menu items for these commands. You could also use the drone setup with Apple Mail and use the contextual menu to move messages into the TrainGood and TrainSpam mailboxes.