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Possible to modify the Launchbar Import script to capture with options?

I just found out about the ability to import into EF using Launchbar. This is a really cool ability (especially for importing quick text notes), but the one thing that’s missing to me is the ability to add tags at the time of import. As it is now, I import something and then have to switch into EF to add tags. The extra step in the workflow is a bit of a bummer.

Is there a way to modify the script to support capture with options?


After posting, the “Similar Threads” section showed me this post in which it is suggested that EF will be getting a quick note feature sometime in the future. That post is now two and a half years old. Has the quick note feature been implemented and am I just missing it? A quick search of the Help/manual suggests “no,” but I’ve been known to miss things before :slight_smile:

It’s not currently possible to get the options dialog via AppleScript. However, the script it could be modified to ask you which tags you want to assign.

Not yet, but I’m hoping to add it soon.

Would you be able to show me how to make those modifications to the script? That should be able to hold me over until the quick entry feature comes along. Thanks in advance!

I’ve modified the LaunchBar script to prompt for tags.

Thanks a lot!

The quick entry hotkey is new in EagleFiler 1.5. Also, it’s now possible to show the options dialog when importing via AppleScript (and, thus, LaunchBar).