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Post Links to Script and Workflow Discussions Here

In addition to the official EagleFiler AppleScripts, various other scripts, workflows, etc., have been discussed in this forum.

A call has been put out for volunteers to cull the forum and tag such threads.

Progress To-Date

  • Threads containing “script” were culled back thru 3/30/11.
  • Responses below to this sticky thru 01/14/13 added.
  • Call for volunteers issued.



The original plan was to search for selected strings (“script”, “scpt”, “tell application”, “attachment”, “workflow”, “integration”, “Mail”, “Dropbox”, “Skim”, “shell”, “bash”, …). If you’d rather do that than the page-by-page method suggested in the call for volunteer thread, you can reduce overlap in results with a Google search for <<eaglefiler -script scpt site:c-command.com/forums>>.

Remove (“hide”) selected records from EF but keep them in place
This script is for users who have turned off the esoteric preference to ScanForNewFilesOnOpen. It will “hide” selected records from EF (remove them from the Library), but keep them in the original EF Finder folder. One use is to keep old drafts without having them clutter the Records List.


script to identify “unused” tags
An AS to identify “unused” tags is described here.

Script to open all Reading List items in Safari and then import to EagleFiler
An AppleScript to import Reading List items from Safari here.