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Post-Mavericks, Training does not automatically move good messages to Inbox as before

SpamSieve has been serving me well. My Log reports a 99.2% accuracy rate, which is excellent by me. Virtually all my spam messages are detected and sent to the Spam mailbox. Only a few good messages are sent there, usually from a new sender.

I’m using the most recent versions of Apple Mail and SpamSieve.


After Mavericks, when I Train a “good” message, an action that formerly automatically sent such messages to my Inbox, they now just sit there, in the Spam mailbox. And they retain the Spam mailbox location in the description line. I have to manually move such messages to my Inbox or to some other mailbox.

Way back when there was a general issue that something had to be checked or some other action performed to have good messages automatically sent to Inbox. I looked through the SS preferences and didn’t see such a box, so maybe it was managed in another way. Please inform me.

Restarted Mail and SpamSieve. The messages I had Trained as good were moved, but…
…when I tried to Train other messages in the Spam mailbox as good, they did not change state or move to Inbox.

I think you may simply be running into the bug in Mavericks where moving messages via AppleScripts can be much slower.

First, use the Change Settings command to make sure that it’s set to move trained good messages from the spam mailbox back to the inbox.

Then, after you train a message as good, wait a long time (up to a minute) before doing anything else. Does the message move? Does SpamSieve’ log show the message as “Trained: Good (Manual)”?

After you answer these questions I’ll be able to help you get it working faster.