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Postbox 5.0.13 and SpamSieve 2.9.28 - Crashing on Junkmail search of inbox

Michael - since upgrading to PB 5.0.13, SpamSieve has not been able to manually cull my inbox for junk. In fact the system goes into a rainbow ball and freezes. Seems what I need to do is force quit Postbox. Any thoughts?


Louis Hecht

I suggest that you record sample logs from Postbox and SpamSieve during the hang so that we can see why it’s freezing.

three files are attached. One from Postbox, which froze, one from SpanSeive and a report generated by Apple for their analytic program.

Louis Hecht Jr.

After uploading the SpamSieve Report is formatted .tbz which for the upload via the forum capability indicated invalid. I have no conversion software to convert to acceptable format. I did send that same files via email.


Thanks for sending the information. It’s better to send it directly rather than posting it in the forum, anyway. I noticed a few things:

  1. At least according to the Apple system report, SpamSieve was not running at the time of the hang.
  2. It does not look like Postbox was waiting on SpamSieve. Rather, it seems to have gotten stuck trying to read the message from disk, before sending it to SpamSieve.
  3. It looks like the last message that was successfully trained was on May 13.
  4. Some incoming messages have been filtered since then, through to today, though it also looks like some of them were malformed.

I’m not seeing any training problems with that version of Postbox on my Mac, nor have I heard other reports of issues. So it’s not obvious where the problem is.

  • Does it help if you restart your Mac in Safe Mode?
  • Does it help if you move the message to another folder before training it as spam?

Sorry Michael - this functionality used to be present
Micahael - I have been using your software and Postbox for over 7 years. Anytime I wished to do a check of how SpamSieve was doing across the entire inbox I was able to by invoking the Postbox tools ‘run junk mail controls on folder’. It remains inoperative and crashes Postbox. Thanks in advance for your assistance

Louis Hecht

Could you answer the questions from my previous reply?

Have you tried updating to Postbox 5.0.15?

Does the problem only occur for the inbox or also for a single message in its own folder? Does it help if the message is in a local rather than server folder?

Does it help if you create a new profile in Postbox? (The feature works on any Mac, so I don’t think it’s a general SpamSieve-Postbox incompatibility.)