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Postbox 6 Update (Fall 2018)

I saw some earlier threads about Spamsieve no longer being functional in Postbox. In one thread Michael responded that he contacted Spamsieve users regarding Postbox 6 incompatibilty but I must have missed it or I was not included. I searched through my email archive and nada.

I had some problems with Postbox 6 importing my old settings back in April when it was introduced so I went back to version 5 for a few months,. I finally updated today, and everything seemed to be working, until I saw some spam showing up in my inbox. I realized Spamsieve wasn’t installed…and after seeing the previous thread here, decided the Apple Mail “drone” workaround seemed too weird for me.

I will contact Postbox via their support team to add my request for Spamsieve compatibility but I wondered if anyone has heard anything more? If you read this Michael, how many of your users do you estimate use Postbox?

I have Airmail as a backup and use it for a few oddball email addresses but I prefer Postbox for work-related emails. And now that I have PB6 working I really don’t want to go back to 5.

Yes, I think you’re referring to this thread. I contacted all customers who opted into the mailing list or subscribe to the blog.

I recommend that you do that to help them prioritize. I was originally led to believe that SpamSieve support was something they would focus on before the summer, but unfortunately they have been busy with other stuff.

If you don’t want to do the drone setup, another option would be to run Airmail in the background and use it to filter the messages with SpamSieve.