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Postbox 7 BETA Supports add-ons/Labs. Is there a chance to get SpamSieve in there?

It looks like Postbox is opening their support for third party add-ons again.


Similar to add-ons, our Labs feature will allow for experimental 3rd-party code to be used within Postbox.

The first Labs project will be OpenPGP support provided by a specially designed version of Enigmail for Postbox and can be enabled under the Tools menu (remember to add the appropriate buttons to the Compose window toolbar).

Unlike add-ons which can be arbitrarily installed, only a select number of Labs projects will be available for Postbox. Given that Labs projects contain 3rd-party experimental code, they are not officially supported by Postbox, Inc.

If there’s a 3rd-party solution you would like to see in Postbox, contact the 3rd-party developer directly. Please do not contact Postbox asking us to support code we do not develop, thanks!

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SpamSieve has been invited to join the Labs program, and we’re working with them. However, it’s not yet clear whether it will be possible to make an add-on for Postbox 7, as a lot has changed under the hood.

Just adding another voice for this. I’m staying at PB 5.x until SpamSieve and PB 7 play nice, so I’d love to see this happen.

If there’s anything a random but happy user of both products could do to encourage or support this, please let us know.

Throwing my virtual hat/cheer/hopes and prayers into this one-- I’m still using PB5 for the same reason. Even without direct SpamSieve support, I doubt their built-in spam filtering would allow importing the massive corpus I’ve built up over the years using SpamSieve. I’m not about to drop all of that now.

The same here - I stay on Postbox 5 until SpamSieve is fully supported/integrated
without that Apple Mail solution. After using SpamSive for over 14 years I don’t want
another solution - it’s perfect for me :slight_smile:

Best wishes


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Any updates on this?

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Not yet. The current priorities are Catalina and SpamSieve 3. Then I plan to take another crack at the Postbox plug-in and/or try to find another way to integrate with it.

SpamSieve… 3?

This is intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter…

You can subscribe to the mailing list here.

Postbox 7: I am 10 days into the trial…
FWIW, Postbox 7 is a VERY nice mail client. I am still using 5 as well, but 7 seems to be quite good. I like the way most everything works, except for a couple things that seem obvious they should be toggle-able in Prefs, but are not. So far, the SPAM filtering is pretty good. It was at about 90% after 2 days. After those 2 days, I saw only 1 false positive; since then, none. Today is the 10th day playing with version 7, I am getting about 1-3 SPAMs daily in my Inbox that Postbox missed. Overall, I think it’s a very nice app. If Michael can get SpamSieve working with Postbox, it would be the ultimate mail client for me.

Anyway, until that happens (fingers crossed,) I recommend you guys try it out. Most of the common keyboard shortcuts are the same as v5.

(And no, I am in no way affiliated with the Postbox people. I just thinks it’s a pretty great app and wanted to share that here.)


Any update on this? I know we’re not at SpamSieve 3 yet, but I really, really want to go back to Postbox because Outlook for Mac doesn’t even support aliases. It feels like every mail client involves some concessions, and SpamSieve is one I really don’t want to make.

Sorry, no update yet. I understand that this is important to people, but it’s a big project (plus I’m still working on SpamSieve 3).

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Would like to switch to Postbox but will not do so without SpamSieve support. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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