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Postbox addon not working

Postbox spamsieve addon is not working correctly and I can’t get anything regarding subject body at all in the list.

Sorry, but your post is not specific enough for me to understand what problem you are reporting, let alone help you fix it. I don’t know what “get anything” refers to or which “list” you mean. Please describe what you did, what happened, and what you expected to happen instead. There’s additional information about reporting problems on this page.

There are no addon options. And editing Spamsieve itself does not have any affect on postbox spams. I’ll block something obvious, and next time it comes in, it’s not blocked.

There are not supposed to be any SpamSieve-specific options in Postbox. All configuration is via SpamSieve itself.

It sounds like something is not set up properly. Please see Checking the Postbox Setup.

PostBox has a plugin named SpamSieved Postbox Plug-in 1.0.5 Spamsieve standalone doesn’t seem to work with PostBox, but not 100% …
You have a Postbox plugin add on your Menu

With Airmail2 they have an option to use SpamSieve. I did, and it seems to not be working. It was, but now it seems everything gets by it. Every ones where I added my own filter like Subject contains SPAM*

Either one I could get working would be nice. I often get a SpamSieve failed. I think

Yes, you should see this in the Tools > Add-ons window in Postbox. It should be in the “Installed Add-Ons” section of the window.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Please explain further. The Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? page explains what to check if it’s not working.

Not blocking
I’m not sure how to explain other than on starting Airmail in the morning. I get like 400 spam’s … These are mostly emails that Spamsieve should know how to block.
The SPAM is certainly an item I set my self, and they all the past. It’s like email is downloaded before Spamsieve starts filtering. It sees that later in the day items get blocked… It’s kind of a pain to go through and manually delete 400+ spam

Give me some info on how to track this down. I have some programming back ground and would like this to work. It worked well with Mac Mail, but Mac Mail is not working good for me now, that’s way i’m trying Airmail and Postbox


I am having trouble understanding this sentence. It sounds like you are referring to messages that have “SPAM” tag in the subject. What does “set my self” mean? Do you mean that you created a server rule that added this subject tag? What is “past”?

Please answer the questions and follow the instructions on the Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? page. For example, it mentions how you can look in SpamSieve’s log to see whether the messages were filtered through SpamSieve.

I did not receive this information, so I’m assuming that the problem is resolved now.