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Postbox and EagleFiler

Hi Michael !

I try to replace Mail.app with PostBox… but I cannot capture mails from PostBox, it seems to be unavailable.

Is this a problem with EF or PB ?

Thank you for your help !

EagleFiler’s capture key cannot work with Postbox because it doesn’t support AppleScript. However, you should be able to import mailboxes manually by following the instructions for Thunderbird. (Just look in the “Postbox” folder instead.)

And for one mail from PostBox ?
Thanks ! I appreciate your rapidity !
Now I understand how to import a mailbox. But can I import a single mail ?

Postbox stores the messages by mailbox, so to import a single message you would need to create a mailbox containing only that message.

The Importing Mail From Postbox section of the manual has some updated information.