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Postbox And SpamSieve - Can't See Spam Messages

I am just starting to test Postxox and was happy to see I can use SpamSieve with it. I have encountered one issue that I cannot resolve.

After installing SpamSieve in Postbox, I cannot see the messages SpamSieve thinks are spam. I know SpamSieve is catching the messages since it tells me how many there are in the icon on my dock, but I can’t see the messages in the folder I told Postbox to send the spam messages to. I went over the installation instructions for SpamSieve many times and have tried sending the spam messages to different folders to see if that would fix the issue, but it hasn’t.

I am using 10.6.6 on my Mac and I am using the latest trial version of Postbox 2, so I know all my systems are up to date.

I love SpamSieve and Postbox is showing alot of promise to be my default email client, but I have to go back to the Apple mail program so I can see what has been flagged as spam.

Any help is appreciated.


The number in the Dock icon shows the number of good messages.


You are correct; that’s what I get for doing this with other things going on.

I do know that SpamSieve is working; I noticed the icon blinked when I trained it with a couple of good messages and checked the logs and there were entries for those messages.

I just can’t figure out what it is doing with the ones it thinks are spam.


Did the messages disappear when you trained them? Either way, the messages should be moving to the folder that you selected in Postbox’s preferences. If that’s not happening, you should contact Postbox support.

Since all I have for training at the time are good messages, they stayed put when I labeled them as good.

I will wait and see if I get any spam messages that make it through and see what happens when I label them as spam. If those disappear after I label them and I still don’t see them in the designated folder, I will contact the Postbox people.

Thanks Michael.


It looks like SpamSieve is catching the bad/spam messages. The only problem now is they are going to the Junk folders and not the folder I specified in Postbox’s preferences.

I will work with the Postbox people to try and get this resolved.

Thanks for the help.

Have you verified using SpamSieve’s log that SpamSieve (rather than some other filter) is what thought those messages were spam?

Thanks for the follow-up. Please let us know what you learn, as it may be useful for other SpamSieve/Postbox users.

I did verify in the log that it is SpamSieve catching the messages. It looks like Postbox is ignoring the setting on where to send the spam to.

I will work with them to get it resolved.

Thanks for the help.

I’m having the same issue here, perhaps. In my case, the spam gets flagged but remains in the incoming mail even though I’ve told Postbox to send all new spams to my Junk folder. I guess I will follow up with Postbox support as well. At least the messages do seem to be getting flagged properly.