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Postbox hang marking a message as junk

I have a similar issue, Postbox hangs when I select a message and select “Junk.” Postbox 5.0.14, SpamSieve 2.9.28 on MacOS 10.11.6

I can view or delete message, but not flag as “Junk.” Postbox freezes with spinning beachball. This behavior happens only with spam in my Inbox. If I click on any other message, say from a regular correspondent, I can flag as “Junk” without issue.

I did not hear back from the original poster, but please record the sample logs and answer the questions that I asked of him.

Thanks for sending the sample logs. It looks like Postbox is hanging in its own internal code (not SpamSieve or the SpamSieve plug-in or the OS). So I recommend reporting this to the Postbox developers.

Even though it only hangs on messages marked as Junk, which is SpamSieve?

The initial reply I got from PostBox support was to restart in safe mode which disables all add-ons. Not much of a solution.

Also I have other sample logs where the apps froze but it was running okay in Activity Monitor.

Yes, it looks like it hung before (or after) communicating with SpamSieve.

I would be interested to see those, too.

Also, you could see whether the problem occurs with a new profile. From the General preferences, you can set Postbox to show the Profiles window at launch.